Tuesday, September 2, 2008

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General Hints-  Letter writing is an art. Every effort, therefore, should be made to turn out a good letter. A letter is a substitute for spoken words. It is a ‘talk’ in writing. We talk to a person through a letter if we cannot talk to him personally. Thus the letter is personal in character. In a letter free expression of ideas is of top most importance.A letter written in good taste and clothed in simple but graceful language appeals to the mind of its reader. To say that a good letter is the index of the personality of the writer holds true for all times. That is why the letters of the Earl of Chesterfield addressed to his son and those of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru addressed to his daughter have been immortalized.While writing a letter, the following points should be kept in view :(1) Your handwriting should be legible. An illegible hand speaks ill of the personality of the writer.(2) The language should be simple, grammatically correct and straight forward. Nothing should be left for guesswork. The reader should enjoy reading your letter instead of getting bored and feverish.(3) The style should be easy and conversational for the letter is nothing but a heart to heart talk between the writer and the recipient.(4) A letter should be brief and to the point.(1) Kinds of Letters—Letters are of three kinds, e.g.,(a) Personal or Private Letters—These are letters written to relatives, friends and acquaintances.(b) Business Letters—These are letters written to shopkeepers, trading firms, partnerships and private or limited companies, editors, post and station masters etc.(c) Official Letters—These are letters from one office to another on official business, to an office from an office.(2) Parts of a Letter—The parts of a letter are as follows :(a) Postal address of the sender 4, Ajanta House, Civil Lines, Meerut.(b) Date................ 5th June, 2008 or June 5, 2008 or 5-6-2008.(c) Salutation and Subscription—This is very important. Improper salutation may offend the person to whom the letter has been written. The table given below gives the salutation and subscription in different cases.Different forms of salutation and subscription
To whom addressed(a) Relation— To father, mother, brother, sister, or any other relative.
(b) Friends—
(c) Acquaintance
(d) Strangers
(e) Superiors (i) A servant to his master. (ii) Subordinate to a superior(f) Teachers, Pro-fessors, Principals, Headmasters.(g) Business Letters (i) Gentlemen
(ii) Ladies
(iii) A Dealer (iv) A firm or company (v) A tradesman to a customer(h) Official Letters (i) To a official (ii) To any offici(d) Body of the Letter—This must be short, sweet and to the point. Write as if the addressee is sitting before you. The introductory paragraph should be captivating.(e) Closing Line—In this line you show respect or love to the person you are writing to.(f) Subscription—Already discussed above.(g) Signature—Remember that you write only half of your name, the name by which you are called, if you are writing to your father, a relation or a friend who is elder to you. In other cases, you will write your name in full.(3) The Qualities of a Letter—(i) A letter must be (a) brief, simple and interesting, (b) direct, natural and impressive, (c) smooth, systematic and sure.(ii) It should represent your personality.(iii) Long, tongue-winding words should be ignored.How to address an Envelope or a Post Card(1) Address on envelopes and postcards should be neatly written and well spaced.(2) Different titles such as Mr. Lala, Sardar, Pandit, Babu, Rai Bahadur or Khan Sahib should not be written alongwith Esq.(3) The University degrees should come after Esq. as R.L. Bhatia Esq. M.A., B.T.(4) Miss, Mrs. or Madam are written to ladies, before the names of unmarried, married ladies and ladies in general respectively instead of Sir.Specimen AddressesR.L. Bhatia Esq. M.A., B.T.20, Subhash Street,Govind Nagar,Moradabad.Messrs Mittal Book Depot,Industrial EstateRing Road,Mathura, 281 001To The Principal, Government College, Shahganj, Agra-282 004Lt. Col. Dr. D. Bhatnagar, I.M.S., O.B.E., C.M.H. Roorkee Pin......................... .Syt. Dina Nath Nigam Stamp M.A., LL.M.,Vakil, High CourtMumbai.I. Private Letters and Scholastic Application
(1) Write a letter to your father stating how you hope to fare in the examination.
Examination Hall, Allahabad. 1
6th January, 2008
My dear Father,
Thank you very much for your kind letter. I have always been acting in accordance with your wishes. I have never lost time in any societies or meetings where my presence is not necessary, though most of the boys do so. For the last three months I have put in a very serious and honest work, and on the basis of which I can confidently say that I hope to get through creditably. This is just for your information that I have gone through all the books and still hope to revise them by the time the examination comes.You need not be worried about myself. I surely hope to pass.
With regards, Yours affectionately,
(2) Write a letter to your sister telling her where to spend her summer vacation.
 Panjabi Mohalla, Ambala.
 May 10, 2008.
My dear Vimla,I understand that your college is going to be closed for summer vacation from 18th May, 2008. What is your programme now for these holidays ? Where are you going to spend them ?Mother suggests that in the beginning of the vacation you should come to Ambala and stay for a fortnight or so; afterwards you can proceed to Dehradun to stay for a few days with elder brother. After a short stay there you can go to Saharanpur alongwith elder brother, as his business requires him to stay there from 8th June for a month.Please confirm if you agree to the proposal. All are well here, I hope you must be hale and hearty.With best wishes from all of us.
 Yours affectionately,

(3) Write a letter to your father about the safe arrival of your sister.
 M.G. Road, Agra.
 19th November, 2008
My dear Father,
 It is a matter of great pleasure that dear sister has come here to spend her vacations here. She has reached here safe and sound. All those things, that you have sent, have been found in perfect order. Even the fruits are still fresh. She felt no trouble in the way except that there was too much rush in the train. Here I was already present at the railway station and she felt no difficulty in reaching home. She is pleased here.With respects for mother.
Yours affectionate son,
(4) Write a letter to your brother telling him of an accident which recently happened to you.
 20, Stadium Road, Mathura.
27th September, 2008
My dear Father,
I thank you for your letter dated 22nd September, 2008. Everything goes on smoothly here. Only yesterday a small accident happened, which I relate below—At about 9.30, I started for my school. In the way I noticed that a car was coming on some unusually fast speed and since we both were on our proper sides, I never cared much about it. Accidentally, a small girl came from a lane on my left and wanted to cross the road. She was quite ignorant of the approach of the car. When the driver of the car saw her, he in his attempt to save the girl moved the car towards me and by the time the car stopped, it struck me very heavily. I had a narrow escape, but the front wheel of my cycle was broken. The owner of the driver, who was also in the car apologised. I was much moved by the gentlemanliness of the man and let him go.After this I hired a tonga, kept my cycle on it and went to the nearest cycle's repairer. I had to have the wheel changed. I few minor repairs were also carried out. The cycle is again now in working order. I reached my school about two hours late that day.How is Lal Chand? I shall be sending a small toy for him in a few days.
Yours affectionately,
Ram Chand
(5) Write a letter to your uncle asking his advice to the choice of profession, you like to follow.
 Kinari Bazaar, Delhi 15 June, 2008My dear Uncle,Your letter has just reached me. I thank you for the same.You will be glad to know that the result of the B.Com. examination has been declared only today and that I have passed in the first division.Now I shall be grateful if you kindly let me know as to what shall I be. Shall I be a doctor, a teacher, a lawyer, or a businessman. But I may tell you that I have more inclination for business and industry, because if one works honestly and industriously, it prospers at a great speed. I have also read the autobiographies of several business magnets and know how they achieved success and made history.
Your affectionate nephew,
(6) Write a letter to your father telling him about the visit of the Inspector of Schools in your school.
20, Kailash Puri, Ghaziabad.
 November 20, 2008
My dear Father,
I am really sorry for not writing you earlier, as I was busy in making preparations for the visit of the Inspector of Schools.About ten days back the Head-master had received information that the Inspector would be paying a visit to our school on the 18th instant. So the Headmaster called all the teachers of the school and told them to be alert. He gave them several instructions. The teachers in their turn warned every student to look better, wear better and behave properly. All the teachers seemed to be nervous. Every now and then the peon was called to remove the dust from the glass panes of the windows or the webs of the spiders. The sweeper got tired of cleaning the floors again and again. All the different charts and maps of the class were several times fixed and refixed on the walls and still the Headmaster was not satisfied that their styles could please the Inspector.We also became fed up with the uneasiness that was prevailing in the school, and wanted that the Inspector should have come earlier.At last the day of the Inspector came. He came guarded by two Deputy Inspector of Schools, and one District and two Assistant District Inspectors of Schools. These all Inspectors looked like ordinary men and I saw nothing to be afraid of them. Some of the teachers and boys were wearing better clothes than the Inspectors. These Inspectors went to different classes and tested them. They simply asked one or two questions and that was all. The Divisional Inspector tested in English. He had some reading and then asked certain meanings and explanations.All went away by 3.30 p.m. and the school staff got relief with their departure.
 Your affectionate son,
(7) Letter to a friend, inviting him to attend your sister's marriage.
Patel Nagar, Jhansi.
 October 15, 2008
My dear Ramesh,
You would be glad to know that my sister’s marriage will take place on October 30, 2008. Mother has asked me to invite you to come. The marriage party will reach here at 9.15 a.m. on the railway station. We want your assistance in organising things. You know how much we depend on you on family matters. Please do come latest by 28.10.2008. I am sure you will be with us on this auspicious occasion.Respect to your Chachaji and father. Please remember me to your mother and elder sister.
 Yours sincerely, Sudhir
ToRamesh Chand Sharma,S/o Shri D.C. Sharma.35,
 Subzi Mandi,Akola
(8) Write a letter to your aunt about your getting a new younger brother yesterday.
Mirza Ismail Road, Jaipur.
January 10, 2008
Dear Auntie,
You will be highly pleased to learn that my younger brother was born yesterday at 8 p.m. in the local Maternity Hospital. Many relatives came to congratulate us this morning. My mother and the babe are quite well and there is nothing to be anxious about them. I have been the infant. It is very handsome and healthy. When are you coming to pay us a visit ? When you come, please do bring my cousins with you.Respect to Uncle and love to dear Anil.
Yours affectionately,
(9) Write a letter to your father about your having won prizes in sports and athletics.
 Govt. Higher Sec. School, Indore,
February 12, 2008
My dear Father,
Our school held its annual sports during the last two days. There were no classes. We went to school without books. Every teacher and student attended the playground.There were races, high jumps, long jumps, discus throw, pole vault, javelin throw, putting the shot and several other events. You know I am a good athlete, so I took active part in most of them.You will be pleased to know that in some races I secured the first place. In hop-step-and-jump I came second.At the end of the second day prizes were distributed. The Inspector of Schools presided the function. I was the only boy in the whole school, who won half a dozen prizes. They cheered and applauded, when I went to receive my prizes. All the teachers are pleased with me. My friends feel proud of me.Please convey my respects to dear mother and give my love to Manju and Varun.
Yours affectionately,
.(10) Write an application to your Principal, requisitioning him to excuse your absence from the Home Exam. Give reasons for the same.ToThe Principal,S.D. Higher Secondary School.Udaipur.Sir,Most humbly and respectfully I request you to kindly excuse my absence from the ensuing Half-yearly Examination. My mother died last week. The shock was so great that I could not concentrate my mind on my studies. Moreover, I being the eldest-son had to perform all the religious rites. I had to be absent from the school, much against my wish for about a fortnight.I hope you will grant my request on account of the reasons mentioned above.Thanking you.
Yours obediently,
Rati Ram Bisaria IX B
.Dated 14.12.2008
(11) Write a letter to your cousin asking him to spend a week's holiday with you. Say what you propose to do together during the week.
Ramvilas Subzi Mandi, Indore.
16th April, 2008
My dear Rajendra,
I hope you remember your promise of spending a week with me after our university examination was over.You know that my father is at Nainital these days, acting as District Supply Officer there. He has asked me to go to him after the examination and he would be glad, he says, if you accompany me on the occasion. So a chance is given to us to have a change. My father has promised to send a servant with us, who will take us to Ranikhet and Haldwani. Time permitting, was may also ride China Peak, about 10,000 ft. high. It goes without saying that evenings at the Nainital Lake with you will provide us immense pleasure. It will give us a lease of a new life after the hard toil of the examination.I hope uncle will have no objection in sending you here. I am also writing a letter to him to permit you to be here with me for a week. Let me know the date and time of your arrival, so that I may meet you at the Railway Station.With best regards for Uncle and Aunt. Yours affectionately,
(12) Write a letter to your Uncle, thanking him for the birthday present.
Doctor's Colony, Jhansi.
15th November, 2008
Dear Uncle,
Many thanks indeed for the handsome and most acceptable present which I received this morning. It was exceedingly kind of you to remember that today was my birthday. The wrist watch will be very useful to me. It will make me punctual and regular. I will keep it with great care.Thanking you once more from the core of my heart. I am,
Your affectionate nephew,

(13) Write a letter to your Principal, requesting him for a testimonial.
 42, Civil Lines, Bareilly,
10th June 2008The Principal,
City Higher Secondary School,
I beg to be allowed to recall myself to your kind memory and humbly request you to provide me with a certificate of ability and character. I have to produce one when applying for a job.I passed the Higher Secondary Exam from your school in 2006. I played in Football and Cricket eleven and was the monitor of my class. I also won the 1st prize for Hindi when I was in the ninth class. I have always believed to have never done anything which has put me down during my stay for 4 years in the college in your estimation. Yours obediently, Jagdish Prasad Gupta(14) Write a letter to a friend, congratulating him on his brilliant success at the High School Examination. 5, Deshbandhu Road, Nagar. June 25, 2008Dear Raju,Please permit me to extend my heartiest congratulations to you on your brilliant success at the High School Examination. Getting a first class with distinction in English is no joke. I hope you will get a place in the merit list. You have brought a good name to your company. I am proud of you.May God crown your efforts with brilliant success in future also.Congratulating you once more,
 Yours sincerely,
ToMahavir Prasad Sharma57/4,
Refugee Quarters,Bhopal.
(15) Write a letter to your father, requesting him to buy you a new cycle.
 2046, Bara Bazaar, Saharanpur.
August 9, 2008
My dear Father,
Your letter reached me this morning.We are all well and remember you much. We hope you have taken charge of your new post and adjusted yourself to the work. We request you to be here during the Janam Ashthami holidays.You now that our house is 5 km. away from the new school. I have to cover the whole distance on foot. The school begins at 7 a.m. I usually get late for my school. Thus my studies are hampered. Besides, my teachers rebuke me in the presence of my classmates. You know your son and can imagine how I must be taking it.At noon the sun is very hot. It is rather tiring to walk this distance on foot under the scorching sun. I am dead tired by the time I reach home.Should I, therefore, request you kindly to buy me a new cycle as early as convenient to you.
Your loving son,
(16) Write a letter to your sister, informing her of your welfare and thanking her for the Rakhi.
Vijay Nagar Colony, Nagpur.
18th August, 2008
My dear Sister,
Your envelope containing Roli and Rakhi was delivered to me this morning when we were taking our breakfast. I cannot express the joy I felt to see the sacred thread of love and affection sent by you. Rakhi has a history behind it. The story of Karmvati and Humayoon sprang in my memory. There is sanctity in the very name of Rakhi. It saved kindgoms in the past.I hope you and yours are in the best of their health just as we all are here. I have remitted rupees fifty for you, which please accept and oblige, knowing fully well that it is only a small token of respect from a poor brother to a loving sister.Respects to your mother-in-law and regards to Jeejajee. Love to Renu and Ramesh.
Yours loving brother,
.(17) Letter to your father describing the annual function of your school.
 Vikram Hr. Sec. School Shivpuri.
18th January, 2008
My dear Father,
I am sorry I could not write to you earlier. I beg to be excused. Last week we had the annual day celebration in our school. In fact the annual day celebrations were drawn to cover full three days. On the first two days, the sports rally was held in the park adjacent to our school. The lawns were in lush green. Tall shady trees stood in neat rows. Buntings and decorated tents added decor to the beautiful natural setting. The rally was a great success. One record in javelin and one in broad jump were shattered. I took part in races. I got second place in 100 metre race and first in 200 metre race. In high jump event, I cleared five feet.In the evening we had the debate. My extempore speech was adjudged second to the best. My quotations were said to be well-drawn and well-recited. Tell dear mother that they were none else than the ones I learnt at her knee in my childhood. In Antyakshari, I ran away with the first prize. The credit goes to your deep knowledge of Hindi literatureOn the third day was held the prize distribution. It was very well arranged. The District Magistrate was in the chair. To be frank, I never saw such a nice function before. Dramatic pieces were effective. I played the role of Chand Bardai in the famous play ‘Prithviraj-ki Anken’. Songs were simply fine, speeches excellent. The Principal's report was well received. In the prize distribution, I had my own humble share. The Principal's speech was short and sweet. I had a great effect on the audience. On the whole it was an excellent function.I intend coming on Shiv Ratri for a day or two.With most respectful compliments to self and dear mother. Love to Madhu and Sumit.
Yours affectionately,
(18) Letter describing a visit to a local exhibition to your friend.
 285, Peepal Mandi, Agra.
10th April, 2008
Dear Suresh,
I was glad to receive your letter last week. You want me to tell you about the local exhibition. I personally went there to give you a first hand report.The exhibition was held in the spacious field of Ramlila ground. A fencing of 12 ft. corrugated iron sheets made it quite safe from unauthorised entry. The entry gate was made of green bamboos. Its makers had really done a good job. Bright bulbs and rods of various hues made it indeed very attractive. The whole thing pleased the eyes.Inside it was a pleasing sight. There were as many as 250 stalls. The one from the Embassy of Germany was the most spacious and best decorated. Gandhi Ashram Bhandar attractions were many. A hundred-rupees set include a pyjama, a kurta, an undervest and a cap. The stall of U.P. State Handicraft Deptt. attracted big crowds. Pieces of embroidered silk, marble-cut-monuments and machine-vulcanised shoes were hot favourites.About 50 more stalls of various industries, including the handicraft work from prisoners, glasswares from Firozabad added quality and variety to the show.Then came the ‘Eatables Square’. Confectioners from Meerut, Varanasi, Allahabad and Mathura drew the longest crowds. The Agra people sold Petha, Dal-month and salty things.The ‘Children Square’ was fairly interesting. The rolling giant wheel, the merry-go-round, the small zoo and the circus were most popular. Then came the ‘Well of Death’, ‘The Disappearing Lady’ and ‘Marvels of Mary’. The old lady, without hands, prepared tea with her feet, sewed, wrote and did pieces of embroidery.Above all, excellent light arrangements gave the exhibition a festive look. In night it looked like day.I think a visit there is worthwhile. I shall wait for you. You may come any day this week.Hope it finds you in the best of your health and happiness. Bring Sushil and Sushma with you. Mother conveys you her blessings.
Yours sincerely,
(19) Letter to your old classmate inviting him in the marriage of your sister.
57, Chandni Chowk, Delhi.
 23rd Dec., 2008
Dear Pramod,
You will be glad to hear that the marriage of my sister has been finally fixed up for the 18th of January. I have taken the first opportunity to invite you to attend the marriage. The regular invitation will follow. Father and mother have asked me to convey their blessings. They look to you in this hour of need for work and co-operation. Please make it a point to come by the 16th of January.
 Yours loving friend,
(20) Letter to your pen-friend telling him about your holiday.
 5, Civil Lines, Ghaziabad, U.P., India.
 13th May, 2008
Dear Roberts,
Thanks many for your letter of 22nd April, 2008. It was a real pleasure to know about your hobby and all that you have done to make it a source of pleasure. I will be doing my bit to help you.You have asked me to relate to you about my hobby. You may not like my hobby. It gives me nothing and yet it gives me everything. It costs me nothing and yet it costs me all. I can pay for it.My hobby is nursing. I liked it since my childhood. I had it in its full vigour and clarity when my younger brother fell ill. I was only of 12 years then. My brother was eight. I sat near him. I did my bit. I cleaned him, changed his clothes, prepared his bed, gave him massages and applied oil in his head. I gave him medicines regularly and maintained temperature charts. Soon the family depended on me. The doctor enquired of me only about my brother’s condition. The doctor praised me profusely. But I did not do it for praises. I did it for my pleasure. It gave me utmost joy.Soon after, I never missed an opportunity of nursing any one in my neighbourhood. Like a self-appointed volunteer, I began to be expected whenever anybody was ill in the vicinity. I now devoted my evenings to this work.Only fifteen days back I found an old sadhu dying on the road. I took him home. Father and mother co-operated. It was a serious case but I laboured day and night. I called Dr. Verma. He gave me a few injections and when I wanted to pay him with savings of my pocket money, he gave a pat on my back and refused to accept any fee. Seven days' labour brought the sadhu sound. He began to walk. He begged leave of me. I touched his feet. With tears in his eyes, he said, “Bachha (child), you have saved my life. I have nothing to give you save my blessings. My Master (God) will see, you get all.” So saying he went away. I got all. I could expect nothing more.So this is my hobby, Roberts. Animals love me alike. Some torn tissue, or a broken leg has received bandages at my hands. They have offered to act as my companions.I have plenty of time to nurse and there is plenty of need for the same. I think I am paid richly for the time I spend in it.With regards to your parents,
Yours sincerely,
(21) A letter replying in negative to the invitation of your friend to visit him.
Raj Niwas, Matatila,
29th December, 2008.
Dear Prahlad,
I was pleased to note the contents of your letter. Who can be happier than I to join your nephew's marriage. But I am sorry I won’t be able to join it. My niece's marriage takes place on the same day. I will be missing not only your nephew's marriage but also your pleasant company in the wedding party of my niece's marriage.Anyway, I'll try my best to thank you all a few days after my niece's marriage.Wishing you a very successful performance of Nita's marriage.
Yours very sincerely,
(22) Letter to your Uncle describing a match between your first eleven and that of Janta Higher Secondary School.
 57, G.B. Pant Hostel, Nainital
 October 11, 2008.
Dear Uncle,
You have always encouraged me to take to batting seriously. Your advice did me lots of good. Let me tell you how.On Saturday last we played a cricket match with Janta Hr. Sec. School XI. You will know it is a very strong team, but in a tourney you must either play or give up. I, as vice-captain of our school XI, decided to give them a good fight, come what may.Our courage received another jolt when we saw their team of all stout young players. But it is cricket to play. We lost the toss. We were sent in to field. Kapoor and I began to bowl. They were quite active and knew their job, but one of my workers deceived No. 1 and far flew his centre wicket. Score stood twenty-two. Then Kapoor struck form and in an over pocketed two more. I rested myself after five overs and sent in Govind to send down a few leg-cutters. That move paid rich dividends. Soon they had lost their six wickets for only 52 runs. That was good going. At lunch their tail was trying hard to wag.On resumption of the play, the first ball broke the partnership and the innings closed at 89. Our openers went in. Their bowling was supreme. Our openers were back to the pavillion with only two runs on the board. No. 3, Kishore tried to stem the rot but he failed. I, with the approval of the Captain, went at No. 4. I first decided to see the balls through. I played the first two overs with caution. Then I could see some loose balls also. Two boundaries in the third over made them nervous. Then I could see the ball well. I hooked, I turned, I swept. The score began to mount and at tea we were 60 for five.After tea, Raju, who was giving me excellent support was declared l.b.w. Dogra in his place proved better and now we played merrily. We won with ten minutes to spare and three wickets in tact. I had scored 46 out of 90 runs. I may get the ‘Man of the Match’ prize at the annual prize distribution.Thanks many for your advice Uncle, and now pat me on my back.
Your loving nephew,
(23) Letter thanking your friend for inviting you to his younger brother's marriage.
 7, Ross Villa, Mall Road, Kanpur.
10th April, 2008.
Dear Prabhu Dayal,
Thank you very much for the kind invitation of your younger brother's marriage. I am more grateful to you for your so completely depending on my presence. In fact, you have assigned me jobs even.It will be my privilege to be of any service on so jovial on occasion and for so dear a friend. I may come a day earlier as desired by you.Please convey my respectful regards to your dear father. As for mother I shall be coming personally to touch her feet.
Yours sincerely,
(24) Letter to your mother describing a flood scene.
49, Church Road, New Delhi.
 November 17, 2008
Dear Mother,
Your letter received yesterday. I am perfectly safe and sound. Please do not worry. The flood this year was unprecedented. Never in the history of Delhi the last 25 years, the old people say, they have witnessed the Yamuna in so angry a mood.Reports of heavy rains in the Punjab State had definitely made people think of a flood in Delhi. For the last three days, all the godowns on low levels, by the Yamuna bank, were being cleared off the goods they contained.But the flood came earlier than anticipated. Several villages were washed off. The banks swelled and the water began to devour all that it could reach to. Man, money and material, all the three became its victims. The wide expanses of muddy water, with foams of wrath, floating over it, spared nothing. The kind mother Yamuna turned into a wild killer. Several houses came down. The thatches were swept away. Animals were driven away in the current. All types of animals—bulls, dogs, horses, wolves, jackals, even snakes—could be seen floating in the Yamuna.People of the neighbouring villages began to take shelter at high places—trees, mounds, but the flood water soon surrounded them. People sitting on tree tops with constant danger of trees themselves being swept away, prayed and waited for the rescue parties.The Yamuna continued shooting up and up for three days. Then it relented. Like a man coming to his senses, it began to come to its original banks.Military men and the social workers, under the guidance of local authorities, began to do rescue work. Difficult situation had to be faced. Two men had to be rescued in a sand island in the heart of the Yamuna with the help of helicopters. Men were saved, animals were taken out. It cost the government a lot. So, it had cost the people. But to the Yamuna, it had cost the most. It cost its good name.Thank God, the water did not come our Mohalla. We gave shelter to as many as we could.With respects to self and great Uncle.
Yours affectionately,

(25) Letter of condolence on the death of the father of your friend
Daftarion-ki-Kothi Ganj-ki-Gali, Alwar
6th February, 2008.
Dear Rajeshw,
The sad news of the death of your dear father has shocked me. What a pious soul he was! When I was at yours, I felt I got my father back in him. Such kind souls, as he was, are becoming rare. The world is getting poorer in love.His deeds were a model to be copied. Death visits everybody once. His will is supreme. What cannot be cured must be endured. Take courage in this hour of bereavement.Please permit me to offer my heart-felt sympathy to you and your bereaved family. May the Almighty God give peace to this pious soul and strength to you people to bear the shock.
Yours condolingly,
(26) A letter to your younger brother who is not doing well at studies.
 Engineer College, Roorkee,
 5th October, 2008.
Dear Biru
,I have received a letter from father in which he has written to me about your bad result at the first terminal examination. He is sad at this. He expected better performance from you.Dear brother, it is surprising to find you so low on the ladder. You were very intelligent then. We had studied together. I know your capacities. The steep fall in attainments in mathematics and English are heart-breaking. I know there is a lot of difference between classes X and XI. There is a change in the method of teaching. Lectures are not so easy to understand, as lessons in the High School classes. However, it should not have been a very difficult thing for you. Your grasp is so keen.What I am afraid of is that you have failed to adjust yourself in the hostel. In your bid to be popular, you might have given up studies and even lectures at college. With nobody to check your movements, you are master of your will. Some good students have been seen to have fallen prey to this false notion of popularity. They went astray and spoiled their careers. May God forbid, if you take to that path, my heart will ache. Is it not the very college where your elder brother got a first class with distinction in Mathematics ?Beware of fair-weather friends. They do not love you; they love your money. They will not be sorry if you go to dogs. Your teachers may be giving you a few concessions because you are my brother. I am also writing to Prof. Sharma, Prof. Tiwari and Prof. Agarwal for being strict to you.I am not supposed to give you sermons. They are meant for those who do not know. You know everything. You need no telling of your duties. All that is needed is the will—the will to improve.Please for your own sake, if not for mine or father's, take to studies. You are student first and to everything afterwards.
Your own dear brother,
(27) A reply to above.
Govt. Inter College, Saharanpur
19th October, 2008
Dear Brother,
I do not know how I should reply you. Your letter has opened my eyes. Your brother is not so spoiled past any improvement. I am really ashamed of myself. Your diagnosis is very nearly correct. I have never been a truant. Your brother is not a dunce, I assure you. You will now hear better about me.I have written to father to excuse me for my fault. I know, kind as he is, he will excuse me. Bless me, I may fulfil your wishes.With respectful regards,
Your dear brother,
(28) Write a letter to your father requesting him to give you permission to join an excursion party and also to send you money.
New Hostel, 15, Public High School, Bijnore.
My dear Father,
I am getting on well with my studies. Our class teacher has arranged an excursion to Chennai and Canjeepuram in the coming winter holidays. The expenses will come to about two hundred rupees. The rest will be paid by the school.I have I not seen these places so far. This excursion is of good educative value. I request you to permit me to join the excursion party. Two senior teachers will accompany us. We shall be back from there after ten days. Arrangement has been made for concessional railway tickets both ways. Kindly send me the money by money order.My regards to mother.
 Yours affectionately,
(29) Write an application to the Principal of your college requesting him to grant you full freeship from college fees.
Dated 5th August, 2008.
ToThe Principal
,D.A.V. Inter College,
Most respectfully I beg to state that I am a student of XIB of your college. My father is a poor farmer. His monthly income is Rs. 1800/- only and he has six members in the family. He is, therefore, unable to bear the expenses of my education.I have always been an obedient student. I passed the H.S. Examination last year from your college in the first division. I enjoyed full freeship during the last two years also. I , therefore, request you kindly to grant me full freeship this year as well.Thanking you in anticipation,
Your most obedient student,
Vinod Kumar Jain Class XIB

(30) Write a letter to your friend telling him about your visit to a historical place.
10, Ram Nagar Delhi- 51
October 25, 2008
My dear Sachin,
Many thanks for your loving letter received two days ago. I am very happy to know that you are quite well now.I give below a description of the Taj Mahal, a building of great historical importance. I hope you will find it interesting and useful.I visited the Taj Mahal at Agra on Sunday last. This grand building was built by Shah Jahan, the Mughal Emperor, in the loving memory of his beloved queen Mumtaj Mahal. This dream in white marble stands on a raised platform on the right bank of the holy river Yamuna. Four high minarets stand on the four corners of this terrace. Precious stones are beset in the walls and the verses of the holy Quran engraved thereon are still bright and intact. The Emperor and the Empress lie buried in their splendid tombs under the central dome. The tombs are enclosed by beautiful lattice work. The mosaic and floral work of this monument is matchless. There is a grand garden with a tank before this building. Several fountains play in it. Visitors sit here on marble benches and enjoy the charming beauty of the Taj which looks more beautiful in a moonlit night.I was lucky to have met a few friends of mine in the park. They too had come there to see the Taj. We chatted and enjoyed the grand sight of the world famous with the help of a professional guide.Hoping you would also visit this ‘Dream in white marble’ one day with your consort.
 Yours sincerely,
(31) Write a letter to your father telling him what you intend to be after completing your studies.
 Room No. 50, Boarding House,
Govt. Inter College, Mathura.
.Dear father,
Many thanks for your affectionate letter received last evening. I am very happy to know that you are perfectly well at home with my mother and the little baby. As you have expressed your desire to know what I intend to be after completing my studies, my intention is as follows—As you and mother have always spoken high of the profession of a doctor, I intend to be the same. I like to be a doctor because he serves the suffering human beings. He relieves the sick and wounded of their pain and saves their lives. In my opinion, a true and selfless doctor is the true servant of God. I may add I wish to become a doctor not for money's sake but for the sake of suffering humanity.I hope you will appreciate my ambition and encourage me to attain it. With lots of regards to mother and love for Guddi.
Your affectionate son,
(32) Write a letter to your mother describing your college in brief.
Room No. 17, Vaish Hostel,
Narayan Inter College, Shikohabad.
August 12, 2008.
Dear Mummy,
Received your long-awaited sweet letter this morning. Thanks for it. I am very glad to know that you, father and little Palak all are very well at home. I too am quite O.K. here.As desired by you, I hereby give a brief description of my college. The main building of my college is like E in shape with a grand hall in the centre. Every room is provided with windows, ventilators and two ceiling fans. There is a large playground in front of the building and an orchard behind it. The college has five laboratories and a grand workshop of Agriculture. It has several acres of agricultural land. Our Principal and the teachers are highly educated, trained and experienced. All of them are good and kind to us. The students are obedient and disciplined. Our results are invariably the best in the region, both qualitatively and in quantity. Not only this our college is famous for its sports and games and all other co-curricular activities. In fact, our college is one of the best colleges of the state.Please convey my regards to Papa and love to Palak.Waiting for your loving letter.
Your affectionate son,
(33) Write a letter to your elder brother requesting him to send you fifty rupees for the purchase of some books.
Kusum Villa, Moti Bazaar, Dehradun.
 September 16, 2008.
Dear father,
Thank you for your loving letter received last week. I am very happy to know that you, with bhabhi and Neelu, are quite well at home. I am also keeping fit here.My studies are going on in full swing. Our English teacher has suggested us three books which would increase our knowledge of English Grammar and English Composition. They cost only rupees fifty. So, please send me Rs. 50/- at your earliest convenience.Kindly remember me to bhabhiji and convey my love to Neelu.
 Your loving brother,
(34) Write a letter to your younger brother consoling him at his failure in the High School Examination and inspiring him to work harder so that he may pass the examination next year with credit.
 7, Subhash Boarding House,
Damodar Inter College, Holipura (Agra).
 June 19, 2008
My dear Ramu,
Received a letter from father only yesterday and am shocked to know that you are so much discouraged for failing in your H.S. Exam that you are thinking of discontinuing your studies.Well Ramu, failures and success go together in life. Not only this, they say that failures are stepping stones to success. Don’t you see Raju, our neighbour's son? He failed in the H.S. Exam. in the year 2004. But he did not lose heart like you. On the contrary, he started working harder and with greater zeal, and the result was his success in the first division in 2005. Not only this, he has been passing every examination with credit since then. Didn’t his failure prove to be a blessing in disguise for him ?Dear Ramu, fortune favours the brave; don't be a coward. Look labour in the face and then you will enjoy its fruits.I hope you shall take up the challenge and get to your studies with greater zeal and gaiety.Write to me if you need any book or notes for your preparation.
Your loving brother,
Ajay Mohiley
(35) Write a letter to your younger sister congratulating her on her success in the Annual Examination.
 Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi
May 8, 2008
My dear Reena,
Yesterday I received a letter from father and I am very glad to note that you have passed the annual examination with credit. It is a matter of pride and pleasure that you have obtained 80% of marks with distinction in physics and mathematics. No doubt you worked hard and fulfilled the expectations of your teachers besides that of Mummy and Papa.I congratulate you at this grand success of yours. I hope you will keep up the spirit and come off with flying colours in the Board's examination next year.
Your affectionate brother,
 Ved Prakash
(36) Suppose you have a friend who is a book-worm. Write a letter to him suggesting him to take part in games.
 Room No. 15, New Hostel,
 Kishori Raman Inter College, Mathura.
16th May, 2008
My dear Rahu,
Received your loving letter two days back. Thanks for it. I am pleased to know that you have passed the Annual Exam. in the second division, but sad to know that you are often ill.One of the reasons of your ill-health, to my belief, is that you are too much given to reading books. My dear friend, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and a sound mind lives in a sound body.’ In order to keep fit both mentally and physically, one should take exercise or play games everyday. Games will improve your health and enhance your mental vigour as well. Excess of everything is bad. A word for the wise, please spare a little time daily from your book-work and utilize it in playing games.Expecting a positive response,
Yours sincerely,
(37) Write a letter to your father informing him about your progress in studies at the college.
18, Old Hostel,
Dharm Samaj Inter College, Aligarh.
 September 2, 2008.
My dear father,
Received your loving letter last evening. Thank you very much for it. I am happy to know that you all are very well at home.Now dear daddy, you will be very glad to read that I am doing very well here at the college. In the beginning of the session I felt some difficulty in grasping Mathematics. But now I feel perfectly at home in all the subjects including Maths. It is so because I attend my classes regularly and punctually and absolutely hard in my hostel with my room-mate. You shall feel proud of me to know that I stood third in the monthly test of last month. I am also keeping good health as I play games every evening and shaping well as centre forward in football. I'll keep up the spirit, please rest assured.Kindly convey my regards to Mummy and love to Ranjana.
Your loving son,

(38) You were out for a couple of days for a visit to Agra. Write an account of the same to your father.
10, Canning Road, Agra.
Jan 12, 2008
Dear father,
We arrived here the day before yesterday. Our old friend Dr. Ramanand, who came to meet us at the Fort station, is a fine gentleman. His talks are very entertaining. He knows countless delightful stories, and Munni has become specially fond of him. The old gentleman is like a boy with grey hair. Since we came here he has always been with us. He has shown us nearly all the places of interest in this town.We like Agra intensely. Mother was highly impressed with the beauty of the Taj and the Mausoleum of Akbar at Sikandra. Munni, on the other hand, preferred the marble toys sold in Tajganj to any of the grand sites. She has purchased a lot of them. I have also bought several models of the historical moment. I am going to Fatehpur Sikri tomorrow to have a look at Akbar's grand capital.With love to brother and sister. I am,
Yours affectionately,
(39) From a student to his father, giving his first impression of the college.
 Anand Bhawan, 10, Tagore Lane, Delhi.
 25th July, 2008
My dear father,
You ask me how I like college, and in what it is different from school. Yes, it is different in many ways, and I like it ever so much better.Just as first, I did not like it at all, and almost wanted to run away. The senior students treat poor freshers as if they are fools, and play unpleasant practical jokes upon them. It was not very nice, but I soon saw that the best thing to do was to pretend not to mind and laugh at my own foolish mistakes. When I did this, they soon left me alone, but some students who get irritated and complained to the Hostel Superintendent, were teased worse than ever.College discipline is not so strict as discipline in a school. A student in a college lives like the heir-apparent in a kingdom. He sleeps much, plays a little, talks a great deal, and studies occasionally. He is responsible to none, and he is afraid of nobody. The only punishment to which he is liable is the fine, and this fine he extracts from his parents. Here the students roar like lions, fellow like bulls, and sing like street singers any song they like. The professors are different from school masters. They treat us friendly. They never care to know whether we have done our lessons or not. They come and deliver lectures without caring to know whether we follow them or not.The spirit of freedom is in the art of this place; and everyone is at liberty to go where he likes, do what he pleases, and say what he has in his mind. One may go to bed at anytime one likes, and get up at one's convenience. We live like so many princes, the servants doing everything for us. They clean our shoes, sweep our rooms, brush our clothes, arrange our beds and even our books and prepare our drink.In short, dear father this is a jolly life, it is liberty and unrestraint. I will tell you more about it, next time. Please convey my love to my dear mother. Yours affectionately,
(40) You are Ankur living at 45, Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi. Write a letter to your friend congratulating him on winning a scholarship in the Board's Examination.
45, Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi.
My dear Pankaj,
I am extremely delighted to hear about your winning a scholarship in the Board's Examination. I know that you worked very hard. I am happy that you have been rewarded for the labour you put in. I extend my congratulations to you and to your parents.With best wishes.
Yours sincerly,
(41) Write an application to your Principal for change of subject.
To,The Principal
M.D. Jain Inter College,
I beg to say that I am a student of class XB in your college. I have offered Biology as one of my subjects. But I feel no interest in Biology. Now I want to offer Art in place of Biology. Kindly allow me this change. I assure you that I shall soon come up to the level of the class.Thanking you, Sir.
Yours obediently,
Raghubir Prasad Jain
,Dated 12.08.2008
(42) Write a letter to your friend telling him how you spent the summer vacation.
 Saket Colony, Badaun
 July 5, 2008
My dear friend,
I am quite well here. I hope you are also quite well. In your previous letter you asked me to tell you how I spent my summer vacation. In this letter I tell you what you desired.During the summer vacation, I went with my parents to Mussoorie. We stayed there for 15 days. I enjoyed the vacation there. I saw there the Company Gardens and the Kempti Falls. I frequently took a ride in the trolley which carried us to the top of Gun Hill which is a fine picnic spot at some height.From Mussoorie we went to Haridwar and Rishikesh. We immensely enjoyed bathing in the holy Ganges both in the morning as well as in the evening on each day. We visited Lakshmam Jhoola twice. We hardly missed visiting any temple during our week-long stay there. We enjoyed utmost the Arti scene of the Ganges at Har-ki-Pauri at Haridwar. Believe me Varun, the scene at the Arti time is beggars description. We returned home after three weeks pulsating with mirth, energy and devotion.With best regards to your parents,
 Sincerely yours
(43) Letter to father describing the prize distribution function of your school.
D.A.V. High School Shikohabad.
December 18, 2008
.Dear father,
I am perfectly well and hope all of you are quite well at home. As desired by you in your letter received last week. I am giving below detailed description of the Prize Distribution Function of my school.Our annual prize distribution took place day before yesterday. As the City Magistrate had kindly consented to preside over the function, great preparations were made for the occasion. A big shamiana was set up in the school compound, which was tastefully decorated with buntings, pictures, mottoes and pot-plants.In the middle was a platform with a chair for the President. On its right and left were placed chairs for the gentry of the town and the school staff. The boys sat on carpets in the front. They were neatly dressed and looked very smart. The prizes were arranged on tables near the platform. They consisted of books, shields, cups, medals and trophies.The President arrived at 2 p.m. He was received at the gate by the Headmaster and the members of the Managing Committee.The Manager of our school garlanded the chief guest. The school band played sweet music.As the President entered the shamiana, all stood up in their places and cheered. The function began with a melodious song sung by a band of boys in praise of the Almighty. This was followed by a short-instructive drama by the ninth class students. The Headmaster then read out the annual report of the school. After this the President gave away the prizes to the meritorious students and athletes.Amidst deafening cheers, the President stood upo to deliver his address. In a very fine short speech he expressed his pleasure at the great progress the school had made. He congratulated the prize winners and much appreciated the good social work done by the school.After a vote of thanks to the chair, the function came to an end. I hope I'll be with you next week.
Your loving son,
Ram Lal

(44) Letter to Uncle opposing proposal for marriage.
Agrawal Inter College, Moradabad.
April 4, 2008.
Dear Uncle
I am in receipt of your letter of the 1st instant. I am surprised to learn that my marriage has been fixed for 15th proximo. It pains me to disagree with you, but still I request you to postpone it for the present.I am yet a mere boy in teens. I have not yet finished my schooling. You want to make me a great man and send me to overseas for higher studies. But marriage would certainly stand in the way of my education and would deal a death blow to my aspirations.Moreover, I can't suport even myself at present. I feel I should not marry unless I am able to earn my own livings. Marriage involves many duties and responsibilities. But I find myself unable to shoulder at this age. Besides, my marriage will tell upon health and spoil my future career.So I request you to drop the proposal for the present. My annual examination comes off next month, second week. As soon as it is over, I will come home and then we shall talk the matter over.I hope you will forgive me for my disobedience.
Your loving nephew,
(45) Write a letter to your father explaining why you could not secure good marks in English in the Terminal Examination.
 5/22, Jawahar Nagar, Indore.
 10th January, 2008.
My dear father,
I have received your letter of the 5th inst. this morning, in which you have asked me the reason of my not securing good marks in English in the Terminal Examination.Father, I am really sorry at my poor performance. But I was helpless. Two days before the English paper, I had slight fever, but the temperature there was 103°C on the examination day. Vomitting also started the previous day. I assure you I'll do far better this time.Please convey my regards to mother.
Your loving son,
(46) You are Girraj Mittal, residing at 1/189, Lawyers Colony, Gwalior. Write a letter to your mother to allow you to go to Agra to see the Taj after your annual examination.
1/189, Lawyers Colony, Gwalior.
18th April, 2008
My dear Mother,
I am well and wish you all very well. I got your letter two days back after a long interval.My annual examination will be over on 28.04.2008 and the result will be announced on 10.05.2008. I am sure to get a good position.The students of my class have decided to visit the historical buildings of Agra after the announcement of the result. I, too, am very eager to see the Taj. Therefore, I request you to allow me to go with my friends for two days only. That would give me a change after strenuous work for the examination.I am eagerly awaiting your permission.Kindly pay my regards to father and elder brother.
Your affectionate son, Girraj
(47) Write a letter to your sister requesting her to knit a sweater for you.
47/B-2, Akbar Road, Bilaspur
Novermber 10, 2008
My dear Didi,
I hope all of you are quite well at home just as I am here. How is it that you have forgotten your promise to be in correspondence with me. I know you are very busy with your books. But can't you spare even five minutes a month for your dear younger brother. I hope you will remember to write to me in future.The winter season is shortly coming. I have not even a single sweater to wear. I request my Didi to knit one, preferably of red colour, for me in a month.With regards to parents ,
Yours lovingly,
(48) Write an application to your Principal to arrange extra coaching classes in English and science as the class is very weak in these subjects.
ToThe Principal,
St. John's Inter College,Agra
I am reading in class IX of your school. I am the monitor of the class. Our annual examination is very near. Our class is very weak in English and Science as is evident by the Half Yearly Examination result. Our English teacher was mostly on leave due to his ill health and as regards the Science teacher he is very busy in his thesis. So I request you on behalf of my class to arrange for extra coaching in these subjects as soon as possible.We shall be highly thankful to you for this act of your kindness.
Yours very obediently,
Roop Kishore Sharma
10th February, 2008
Class IXA
(49) Write an application to your Principal requesting him to change the section of your class.
To,The Principal,
Gandhi Higher Secondary School,
I am a student of class IX C in your school. My cousin reads in IXB. I will, therefore, request you to transfer my name to class IXB. This will make me easy to study and do the home work with my cousin. I shall be very grateful to you for this act of your kindness.Thanking you for the favour.
Yours obediently,


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